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Welcome to A DEC Capretto full-blood Boer Goats, Kikos, and  a few dairy does.

 Check out our new blog at http://kikogoat.blogspot.com

We started a new blog site where you can go and check out goat happenings, garden news, Topsham's fair goat auction, and other current events connected to our goat herd. Our new 2012 Mainely Goat Calendars are available now and will be "for sale" at Topsham Fair this August 7-14. All the goat models featured in our calendar live here on the farm. The photos of our goats in our calendar are 11 x 14 inches in size.


A DEC Capretto was established in 2003 by Dean Beckwith and Elfi Brandstatter in Bowdoinham, Maine.  We are a member of the Boer Goat Breeders of Maine and Dean is a representative of the USBGA.

Originally, we decided to purchase a few goats for brush clean-up and meat.  We picked Boer goats, because we wanted to enjoy capretto, which is Italian for young goat meat.  Boer goats are naturally suited to our Maine habitat, thriving in temperatures ranging from 90 degrees to 30 below zero!                         

After just a few short seasons, we have fallen in love with goat farming, increasing our herd to include goats for breeding, show, pets and meat!  Over the last seven years we have added two purebred Kiko bucks to develop a kiko herd, as well as a few dairy goats to provide us with fresh milk and cheese. Elfi's 30+ years of gardening experience is put to good use, as she enjoys treating her goat herd to a serving of fresh vegetables each day.

Have a look around our site, and please use the contact us page if you have any further questions-This site updated July 2011. The photo on the left is Omi visiting my doeling herd.

Dean and Elfi



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