Looking Back


Some of our Does
Looking Back


Wasabi Wasabi was our first FB Boer buck. We still have a son

Gatoonga. And a grandson Expresso who is also 100% mahogany colored buck.

Escobar FB Boer DOB 5/2005   We retained two of his grandaughters Coco and Scarlet.
Newsprint DOB 4/2007 Fullblood  Boer --sold 10/08-- but we have one daughter left "Mollie" and granddaughter "Emmy"
Sam-Adam DOB 6/2006 Purebred Saanen father to Sambo and Hiku
The beginning of our dairy doe herd.


Sambo DOB 2/2008 Saanen/Alpine mix buck, sire to Mya, Samantha, and Birdie
Full Blood


DOB 8/2006 He was a FB Buck who gave us Iris.
Dob 5/09  Sire to Kay
April-FullBlood DOB 4/2004 She was one of our biggest  Boer does. She was mother to Gatoonga. She won Grandchampion in her class summer 2004 at Windsor fair
Max DOB 4/2008   
Full Blood Boer Buck from Cooperstown, N.Y. who had a beautiful head, neck, and nice width. No longer with us.
TuTu No longer with us, She was mother to Jefferson, Tulip, and tutiny. Her genetics added size and length to her lineage.
Joke We had Joke for three years.  We have one daughter, Hiku, and five Joke granddaughters.

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