Some of our Does
Looking Back


pictured in near future Full blood Boer buck Dob 3-09. A Gatoonga and  Golden monkey son. Featured in August pg. of 2012 calendar.
Gatoonga DOB 8/2006 Full Blood South African Boer Buck.   He is Wasabi and April's son.

He has nice width and he is long also. 

Summa DOB 4/2006 Throws colored kids often

Pure Bred Kiko Buck.

Jefferson  DOB 2/09 Throws paint kids   sometimes

Paint full blood Boer buck

Wild Bill Pure Bred Kiko Buck. who will add length to his kids. Has many doelings on our farm. He throws color occasionally.
Mo DOB 3_2011 Saanen buck, Mom Mya, sire Swan. His twin sister is Matilda


Bo Jangles Main Attraction
Full Blood Boer Buck with lots of width and muscle to give to his future offspring. 
He won two 2nd place ribbons at Windsor fair 09 ABGA goat show. He produces nice wide kids.

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