Some of our Does


Some of our Does
Looking Back




DOB 5/2006
Percentage Boer Doe who is  long and wide and is an excellent mother. Mother to Lavender, Lucyanna, & Chiquita. Lucy is mom to %doe (Lily) 2010 grand champion at Windsor Fair.
Odessa DOB 8/2005
Full Blood Boer. She is the mom in "Milk break" in our 2011 goat calendar.  Wiggles is her daughter who is on the cover page of the 2012  calendar.
Wild Spice DOB 6/2010 She is a 50% Kiko doe. Daughter to Samantha and Wild Bill. Due to kid out August 2011.
Iris DOB 3/2008  50% Boer Doe. Her sire was Norki and her dam was Petunia.  She had a paint doeling Izzy April 2011.
Echo   DOB 3/2007   Saanen Doe - One of our main milking goats. She had twin bucklings again 7-2011. 


Hiku DOB 2/2008  She is a Saanen, Alpine and Boer cross doe. She is our main milk producer.
Samantha    Saanen doe, granddaughter to Echo and a sambo daughter. She is a nice milking doe.

Chiquita   Dob Nov 14,10  A 50% Kiko doe, daughter to Lucy and Wild Bill.   Her twin is Lucyanna
Indiana DOB spring 08  Full Blood Boer Doe.  She is mom to Outlaw, and she had triplets June 2011. Her two doelings are Tutu and Tiger. Tweed will be wethered.
Lucyanna     Dob Nov 14,10 50% Kiko doe. Twin to Chiquita 
Ali DOB   Nov 15, 2009  She a Full Blood Boer doe who is daughter to Odessa and Gatoonga. Had her first twins June 2011.     Al and Aster
Madura SDob 11.2010 Full Blood doe, daughter to Tori and her sire is Max
Molli Fullblood Boer Doe
Her dam is Tippy and her sire is Newsprint. She had a doeling Emmy late March 2011,   Emmy  is pictured on our blogsite at:

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