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 Kiko Purebred Bucks

"Summa" and "Wild Bill" 

At A DEC Capretto, we decided that adding Summa (a Kiko from Lost Acres in Vermont) to our herd of Boers would be beneficial for our future.  We had our first Kiko/Boer cross kids born Oct 2007. Their growth from birth to weaning has been equal to our average full blood Boer kids. We had one of Bill's does produce a set of 88% kiko doelings this 2011 kidding season. One of these kids (Abby) is displayed on the kids page.

  Wild Bill has bred all of Summa's daughters fall 09. We expect to have some high percentage kids this spring 2011. We had three 75% Kiko doelings born this 2011 kidding season.

Reasons to add a Kiko:

    • The Kiko has proven to be more parasite resistant than any other breed of goat.
    • The Kiko has less hoof problems.
    • The Kiko does have little to no kidding problems.
    • The Kiko kid is remarkably vigorous at birth and have a rapid growth rate.
    • The Kiko is an aggressive browser and will flourish with minimum supplemental feeding.
    • The Kiko is a very aggressive non-seasonal breeder.
    • The Kiko is indeed a "low maintance meat goat".



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