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Millions of people from all over the world now have the opportunity to see and appreciate our artistry.

One of our goat photos was chosen to be published in a deluxe hardbound photography anthology, Endless Journeys. The book is scheduled to be released on July 31, 2007. An electronic edition of Endless Journeys is now featured on the Internet at (search for the name Elfi Brandstatter). Here you may submit your vote and "RATE MY PHOTO".  You can also order calendars, sweatshirts, cards, tote bags, stickers and other items from this site with MoMo’s picture on them.  This is the original photo of MoMo, who was one of our first three goats purchased in May 2003.

Sadly, Momo is no longer with us, and she is deeply missed. We have her first born daughter, April who is developing her own unique personality somewhat like her mother, who always was ready to perform for photo sessions. The publication of Momo’s photograph has been a very exciting and rewarding experience. We’ve always said, “There is more to raising goats, than just having goats in our backyard!”

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